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What Is A Pre-Sale Inspection?

A home inspection isn’t always about the buyer. Sometimes sellers can benefit from home inspections too before they put their house up for sale. Imagine putting up your home for sale and then later discovering there is a huge problem that destroys your sale. That can be avoided with a pre-sale inspection.

Knowing what you’ve got on your hands from a professionals point of view is essential if you want to avoid the headache and pain of a broken sale. All the time and energy you put into your sale can be fruitful if you make sure it is fit to sell in the first place.

The Value Of A Pre-Sale Inspection

If you’re ready to sell, identifying what things need to be changed or fixed and what is absolutely right will put faith and confidence behind your actions and listing. The written report of the final findings will assure both you and the buyer of the condition of the home.

  • Shortening the sales process

By inspection the home at the beginning of the sales process, most of the obstacles are removed from the equation.

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